Are You Ready To Have Kids?

Are You Really Ready?

No. The answer is no. I feel like no one is ever REALLY ready to have a child. You will never be financially stable enough or ever be emotionally prepared enough.

I’ve always known I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to enjoy all of the experiences that go along with having a child. I wanted to experience pregnancy, giving birth and raising a child. It has always felt like that was what I was really meant to do.

Rol and I have been together for 5 years and have been married for almost 1.5 of those 5 years. We have wanted a baby for a longgg time but we wanted to wait until we were married before trying(no judgement toward those who aren’t married and have kids-just our choice.) I definitely have always feared not be able to get pregnant. What if it doesn’t work? Will we adopt? Do IVF? etc? Truth is, I wanted to carry a baby so bad but I would have done anything to get a child. LUCKILY, and I thank god for this every day, we got pregnant fairly quickly.

Peeing on A Stick 

Rol and I were in bed watching tv and he randomly told me to go take a test. I didn’t feel like it. I was too tired and I could have just taken it in the morning. But he convinced me. I remember peeing on the stick and not expecting anything. I had peed on many sticks before this one and they were all negative so I didn’t expect a POSITIVE. It was honestly like Rol knew I was pregnant before I did. I can’t remember his exact words but he said something along the lines of ‘positive, isn’t it?’ as I was peeing. How the hell did he know?! I waited an hour or so and peed on another one just to make sure. Then of course we were so excited that we couldn’t sleep. I even went to the drug store the next day to buy another test that predicted how far along I was because we had no idea.

Kids. Kids. Kids.👶🏻

I won’t bore you with all of the details of my pregnancy so fast forward a crazy 9 months, out comes baby Lincoln. Our lives changed forever. We created this tiny little human, who, at the time we found out that he existed, was the size of a poppyseed! He was absolutely perfect in every way. I literally don’t know if I could love something more than I love him. I love my husband but it is a different kind of love with Linc. Both equally amazing but just different.

You may be reading this and saying to yourself that it all sounds amazing but I still don’t know how I can afford to have a baby or if I’m really ready. Believe me when I say that you will make it work. We were ready emotionally and we could all always be in a better financial position but it just works. You find the time, money and energy once this little baby comes into your life. I am not saying it’s easy. There are definitely tough, tough days but all of the good days always outweigh those tough days. 

Leaving the Hospital🏨

At first you wonder how the hell they let you leave the hospital to go home and take care of this baby on your own but eventually your start to wonder what life was like before this baby was born. It becomes your new and amazing normal. My mom got me this book when I was pregnant and then this book when Linc was born. They were both very helpful! I still reference them time to time for certain things.

You honestly wonder at first how the hell you are going to make it through but then you just do. Everything works out in the end. The hundreds of poopy diapers, sleepless nights and endless worrying is all worth it. You are ready. You can do this! 

Xo Meg

Kids. 6 months old
Kids. 6 months old.

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