Exercising While Pregnant

Pregnant and Running?

Before I got pregnant I was a runner and avid exerciser. I have run 3 half marathons and participated in many other running events. Once my husband and I were ready to start a family, I questioned my doctor whether or not it was okay to exercise while pregnant as it is a huge part of my everyday life. He reassured me that because I was already fit and in shape that I would have no problems continuing my regular workout routine while pregnant. I was running 5k every day so he did mention to maybe dial it back a bit and not to run everyday, maybe every other at least until I hit my second trimester.

Morning Sickness? Yeah Right…

Turns out I was SO sick during my first trimester that I couldn’t run anyways. My morning sickness was ALL day sickness 😷. It was around the clock. I could barely get through my regular day let alone even think about working out. Not being able to run and eating every carb ever created left me feeling sluggish and blah. Running for me is my JAM. It helps relieves stress, clears my mind and helps keep my back pain(sciatic nerve) at bay.

Goodbye Sickness!

Once I hit my second trimester I was feeling MUCH better. The all day sickness had subsided and I was able to eat normal(healthy) again and start working out. It felt SO good. I was finally able to start enjoying my pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely blessed and thankful to be carrying this baby but I was very happy to kick the sickness to the curb. It literally consumed me.

To Run or Not To Run…That Is The Question…

Once I started running again I was bombarded with questions like “Are you sure that is good for the baby?” “Won’t that harm the baby?” “Did your doctor say it was okay?.” I know they had mine and my baby’s best interests at heart but quite frankly it was exhausting. Before even asking my doctor I had done a lot of research on whether or not it was okay to run while pregnant because while yes, running is a huge part of my life, if it meant I was going to put my baby at any risk at all I definitely would not have done it. I trusted my doctors knowledge and advice and many articles I read said it was perfectly fine, especially if you are already a runner. Honestly, I was nervous myself the first few times I ran again. I questioned whether it was a good idea or not but after talking to my doctor and talking to other moms who had done it, I felt much better about my decision.

Pros To Staying Active While Pregnant 

Running or exercising while pregnant is actually encouraged by OBGYNS and midwives as it is said to decrease your risk of developing gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and promotes a healthy birthweight for your baby.  I TRULY believe that running throughout most of my pregancy contributed to a much “easier” labour and delivery and postpartum recovery(stayed tuned for Lincoln’s birth story.) I wanted to get back into running and exercising as soon as I could after recovery. It was definitely difficult but not as bad as I was expecting. I am so glad I continued on with a similar workout regiment throughout my pregnancy. I felt so good in my second and third trimester. Healthy, fit, and fairly energetic. 

Words of Advice

My advice is if you already have a workout regiment or routine prior to getting pregnant, continue on with it! (With your doctors approval of course.) You will feel so much better during your pregnancy and post pregnancy. I know many things may hinder your ability to workout(sickness, back pain, fatigue, etc.) but I promise you it is worth it. If you did not have a workout routine prior to getting pregnant, stick with low impact exercises like walking, bike riding, or swimming. The last thing you want to do is get injured. During my first trimester I walked about 5k a day. It was Fall so it was perfect weather and I wasn’t cooped up inside walking on the treadmill(SOOO boring!!) The fresh air helped with the nausea and walked off some of those carbs! My hubby also walked with me a lot of the time. We got to talk about our day and spend quality time together. It was great! 

Wishing all of you mama’s to be a fit and healthy pregnancy!

Happy exercising!!😀

XO Meg


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