How I Feel Being Pregnant During A Pandemic

Finding out we were pregnant with baby #2 in December was super exciting! We told our loved ones right away and I started getting mentally prepared for having a newborn again 😬.

My first trimester much like it was with Linc was pretty awful. Nausea all day long, extreme fatigue, low iron and all around pretty miserable. Around 15-16 weeks I started to feel better and became more and more excited about the pregnancy. I had envisioned my husband being able to come with me to my ultrasounds, being able to go shopping for the new baby and sharing this journey with my family just like I had being pregnant with Linc.

The Reality Hit

Of course we had been listening to the news these last few months and hearing how horrible this pandemic had started to get in different parts of the world but our bubble had not yet been affected and truthfully I didn’t give it much thought. All of a sudden in the middle of March, life came to a screeching halt for all of us. We were put off work, no longer able to interact with anyone outside of our own home and had to start social distancing if we did have to go out. This was crazy.

What normally would have been a quick and easy doctors appointment or ultrasound became a huge deal. My husband is not allowed to come with me to any appointments and I have to wear a mask if I do have to go out. I have been trying to limit my time watching and listening to the news. While I want to stay informed, hearing too much makes me super anxious and I don’t want that added stress right now.

I started thinking about how all of this is going to affect my birth come August when baby is due. I am planning on having another home birth this time around which right now seems like a safer option anyways. With my due date still 4 months away, I am trying not to worry too much but all of the possible scenarios are running through my head.

What if I end up having to go to the hospital? What if my immediate family can’t meet our little guy for months? What if we can’t have a home birth like originally planned? The unknown is all very scary right now. I could drive myself crazy with the ‘what ifs’ all day long but I am trying to stay calm. All of this is totally out of my control and I know everything will end up being fine in the end. Whatever happens, happens.


I think the worst part is that my family may not be able to hold our baby or come near him when he is born. Family is so precious and important to me. This is time that we can’t get back. Precious time. My heart goes out to all of the women who have given birth in the last couple months or are due to deliver any time now. These women and families are losing out on the precious time with their parents and extended family and don’t have the support system present that they would otherwise. It sucks and I feel for those women and families. Not to mention all of the rules and safety precautions that are in place right now. Scary but necessary.

At the end of the day, this is a pandemic. We are all going through a difficult time. We miss our families, our friends, our routine, travelling, etc but this time at home social distancing is crucial and extremely important if we ever want to get back to ‘normal’ life anytime soon.

Things and rules are changing every single day. Right now I am just enjoying this bonus time at home with my husband and son. This is precious time that we are cherishing with one another. This pandemic has forced us both to slow down and realize what is important. Our family and our family’s health. We recently moved to the country so we are focusing on doing home renovations and laying low until this improves.

I hope everyone is staying safe and hugging your loved ones even tighter(the ones you live with of course). Wash your hands, don’t touch your face and spread the love❤️

Xo Meg

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