How I Have Changed Since Becoming A Mom

So Overwhelming

Oh man, where do I start? My life has completely changed since becoming a mom. Everyone tells you to get your sleep before the baby comes because you’ll never sleep again and that your body is going to change but you’ll probably bounce right back after giving birth. That you need to breastfeed your baby because it is what’s best. That you need to have the best strollers, cribs, car seats etc. for your baby.

Needless to say, the moment you tell the world you are pregnant, everyone has an opinion on what you need to do and how you should raise your child. IT’S SO OVERWHELMING.

A Different Perspective

Since becoming a mom, I have a completely different perspective on life. Things that I once thought were important are NOT at all important anymore. Essentially we are all just super selfish before we have kids because we can be. We don’t have another person relying on us to be fed, bathed and rocked to sleep every night. All we worry about is what WE want to do. There is nothing wrong with that and I am not saying everyone is selfish before they have kids but I definitely was. And not selfish in a “I don’t do things for other people” kind of way just in a way that I didn’t have anyone else to be personally responsible for and make decisions for.

We had and still have my step kids with us every other weekend which is great. We would always fill our weekends with stuff to do with them but since having Linc, it has been trickier for me to do things with them because I have a baby needing my constant attention. I know as Linc gets older, it will get easier(in certain ways) but when he was a newborn it was tough.

It is crazy how your mindset shifts and all you can think about is how the hell am I going to keep this baby alive, feed them, read to them, play with them AND workout, shower, feed myself, do laundry, go to work, make dinner, spend time with my husband and stepkids, see my friends….I could go on and on.

Things I Have Learned About Myself As A Mom

  1. First of all, I cry all the time. I have always been emotional especially watching a romantic movie or tv show and anything to do with babies BUT NOW….I am a mess. I literally can’t hold back my tears when I see anything involving babies or kids. If I read about or watch a baby being born, I get so emotional!
  2. I am frazzled 90% of the time. I have always been someone who had 500 tabs open in my mind at the same time BUT NOW…it is so much worse. Now I find myself barely able to have a normal conversation with someone because often my mind is somewhere else. It is hard to navigate life with a little one always on your mind.
  3. I have very high anxiety but am also very laid back about a lot of things. It really depends on what it is. For example, I am someone who thrives on routine and schedules so when there isn’t that constant routine it drives me crazy and my anxiety is super high but I don’t mind letting the kids watch Linc for a few minutes if I need to get something done quick. Strange and maybe backwards but 🤷‍♀️.
  4. I have become more confident. As soon as I delivered Linc, I had a new found confidence. I felt proud of what my body had been through and how strong I felt. That feeling hasn’t gone away. I know I have only endured 1 year so far haha but every day gets a little easier and I find I trust my instincts and gut a lot more now than I ever have.
  5. I have always been a healthy eater but never really went the organic route. As I mentioned, my perspective has changed and I now have this little person I need to provide for and take care of. Why wouldn’t I want to give him the best I could? We mainly try to eat organic now when we can and when it fits into our budget because I think it has a lot of benefits for our family.
  6. I have learned to take things one day or one week at a time. I am the type that likes to plan things but I find I don’t plan ahead as much as I used to. Now I take things day by day and week by week or else my anxiety goes through the roof and I feel really overwhelmed.
  7. I love my postpartum body and what it has done for me. I feel so blessed to have been able to carry a baby and I do not hate on my body like I used to. It’s curvier, it’s a little more squishy and my hips are wider and I am at peace with that!

XO Meg

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