Lincoln’s First Flight

Last month we took a trip to my husbands home town in Newfoundland like we have year after year but this time was a little different…we had Lincoln with us. This was Linc’s first plane ride and my first experience flying with a baby. There were so many things to think about. His sleep schedule, what do we NEED to bring for him, how will he do on the plane? Will he sleep? Will his ears hurt? Will he throw a fit? How will he be when we throw him off his routine? I know all of this sounds crazy but I thrive on routine and so does Linc so I was nervous.

We wanted to stragiticialy plan our flight at a certain time to avoid meltdowns or a cranky baby due to him not having a nap but there is only one airline that flies to Newfoundland in the off season. We basically had one flight time to choose from that didn’t have a stop over. The thought of having a stop over with a baby was exhausting. We wanted a flight during the day so we could keep him on somewhat the same sleep schedule. Hahahah that didn’t work…we had to choose the 9pm flight which had us arriving in Newfoundland at around 12:30am our time and 2am Newfoundland time. Not ideal but….life.

Linc wasn’t bad on the plane on the way there. We had a window seat and preferred seating so he looked out the window and played on the floor. He didn’t sleep but he was pretty calm so that was a huge win in my book. We rented a hotel nearby the airport thinking at least Linc could sleep for a bit before we drove to my in-laws house that is an hour and a half from the airport. By the time we got our rental car (we were so surprising my in-laws so we wanted to rent a car so they wouldn’t have to come pick us up)and got to the hotel it was past 3am and about 3:30am when we crashed. We thought Linc might sleep in but he was up at 8am so, so were we. We packed up and got ready to drive to my in-laws.

We got to my in-laws around noon, they were so surprised and excited to see us! We spent 4 full days with them, my brother and sister in-law, niece and nephew. Linc had the best time with his cousins! He loved being outside and exploring. It was so cute to watch.

Those 4 days flew by of course and then we had to get ready for our flight home. Again, no options in regards to flights on the way home but time wise, there was one that was better. It was at 6am so we put Linc to bed around 6pm the night before and woke him up around 3am to get us to the airport, return our rental car and get checked in.

I thought because he got a pretty good night sleep that he would be good on the plane but….no. He was so cranky, squirmy and cried almost the whole way home. I think his ears bothered him so much more on the way home so he was uncomfortable. Also, for anyone that knows him, knows that he doesn’t snuggle. He wants to get down and run around and never sits still. He also doesn’t sit to watch tv or play so bringing a ipad with shows on it doesn’t work. He was so exhausted that finally snuggled up on Rol and fell asleep for like a half hour. It wasn’t much but it helped him. All of us couldn’t wait for the plane to land so we could get home!!

This story isn’t for anyone looking for tips when flying with a baby because I literally have none! Lol. We had to wing it and I honestly feel like I gained no knowledge of what to do better next time because he is such a wild card! I will feel just as anxious next time but that’s okay. He had a great time and so did we! It was definitely hectic but I am so happy we were finally able to fly down and spend some time with family.

Your life changes when you have a baby and everything you do, you do for them. I definitely over packed for him(nothing new) but I didn’t know what I would need and not need so I packed it all lol.

All in all it was a great trip and Linc did pretty good. We are looking forward to spending Christmas in Newfoundland for the first time this year!

Also, if anyone has tips or tricks for flying with an 18 month old, I am all ears!

Xo Meg

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