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About a month ago, I started thinking that we should start sleeping training Linc. He was sleeping in our room in our bed or in his play pen. I wanted him in our room for the first while just because. He is my first baby so I wanted to be near him BUT he was 7 months when I thought we should sleep train him and get a little bit of “normalcy” back in our lives.

Cry Baby

Linc would almost always need to be rocked to sleep or if he fell asleep drinking his last bottle of the night and when we would try and put him down, he would immediately wake up. Some nights he would cry and cry and cry no matter what we did. The positive thing was that once he got to sleep he slept through the night. He honestly had no real schedule though. Bedtime was when he got tired. I remember trying to put him down at 7 or 8 and he just wouldn’t settle. He didn’t seem tired or maybe in turn he as actually overtired. Still not really sure. Eventually he started settling a little better BUT he was still in our room and I wanted to change that.

The Sleep Training Begins💤

About 3 weeks ago now, we decided to try him in his crib at bedtime. Cold turkey. I layed him down awake because “they” say that is the best way for them to self-soothe which I agree with but omg it was awful. He cried so hard. The first 3 nights my husband and I caved. We picked him up and rocked him to sleep all 3 nights. On the 4th night of the training I wanted to stick to my guns and follow through with letting him “cry it out.” He cried for an hour and 15 minutes that night BUT he eventually fell asleep. I was so happy even though hearing him cry like that absolutely broke my heart but he did it. As that week went on, he started crying less and less. Only by like 5 minute increments but it was always less than the night before so it seemed like we were on the right track!

Before You Judge

I would always try and put him down between 6 and 7 most nights so he could have some consistency and routine. After the first week things got significantly better. His time crying was cut in half and he seemed more comfortable in his crib. Fast forward to the end of 2 weeks and he doesn’t cry at all now MOST nights. Some nights he still does due to teething, being overtired, etc but it was a success!

Letting Linc “cry it out” was my husband and I’s decision. We know our baby and what he needs and wants. We had tried other methods before this and they didn’t work. THIS WORKED. It may sound cruel to some of you and you’re probably wondering how I could let my baby cry like that but it was what we needed to do to succeed. I always told myself that I wouldn’t do it and wouldn’t be able to but it was what worked best for our family and I don’t regret it at all. We tried everything from picking him up, going in and rubbing his back to let him know we were still there, we tried music and sounds (he just wanted to party), sleep sacks, adjusting the temperature, nothing worked. That just helped us figure out that really all he wanted was to be held and to be rocked to sleep by my husband and I so that’s why we had to quit cold turkey.

Fast Forward

Fast forward 3 weeks later and we have a baby who goes to bed between 6 and 7 every night and wakes up between 6 and 7 in the morning. He no longer screeches for what seems like hours and we have established a routine. Routines are my jam so I am SO happy we did this. I know there will be hurdles and more sleep regressions ahead but we will deal with that when it comes. For now, we will enjoy what we have established with Linc and continue to be physchos when it comes to being home by bedtime each night lol. It was so hard but so worth it in the end!

This method may not be for you or your baby. That’s cool. Do what works best for your family. Some of you may not want to sleep train until baby is older or not sleep train at all which is fine too. At the end of the day, do whatever makes you and baby comfortable and do whatever works and keep you sane.

You’re rocking it mama🤘

XO Meg

Sleep Training


  • Lindsay Graham

    I am so glad this worked for you! We finally did it with Brooklyn when she was over a year and it was great once it worked. She would sleep wonderfully! I have been wanting to do CIO with Logan but I really don’t want to disturb Brooklyn. But I have to do something as he has to be nursed to sleep 🙁 the initial crying would be fine because I can do that part before Brooklyn goes to bed but I am nervous for the middle of the night wake ups. He still wakes multiple times! For this reason I keep delaying it!

    • Meghan

      Thanks Lindsay! So glad it worked for Brooklyn too! Makes such a difference. Oh man, yeah that’s a hard dynamic. Sounds like it might be best to wait a bit but who knows…he may do great and surprise you! Good luck!

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