Ways To Make Your Life Easier

As a mom, there isn’t much time to do things so I am always finding new ways to make my life easier and to save time. One of those ways is by doing a majority of my grocery shopping and regular household shopping online. 

Services I Use

  1. Walmart Grocery Pickup. This service allows you to shop for all of your groceries and most of your household items online. You fill up your cart, choose your pickup day and time and all you have to do is drive there and they will deliver your groceries right in the back of your trunk! It is fantastic! I usually just pick a day where I know I need to go out to do something else and pick my groceries up at the same time. There is no extra charge for this service which is even better. I believe you can get delivery to your house but there is an extra charge for that. 
  2. MamaEarth Organics. I only recently started using this service but I am LOVING IT! You can pick from a huge variety of local, organic fruits and vegetables and they are delivered right to your door! There are different basket options and different delivery time options so you can make it work for your lifestyle. The pricing is affordable, the produce is delicious and most importantly…convenient!!
  3. Amazon Prime. I am so grateful that we have an Amazon prime account. I have always loved Amazon. Prices are affordable, they have everything you could ever want and the delivery is free and FAST with the prime account. Literally most items are delivered next day which is great for when my mom brain forgets to buy baby wipes and we are super low or if I need great ideas for Christmas gifts. Their return policy is fantastic and the products are always as advertised. Such a great service! 

I know that other grocery stores have now started offering the grocery pickup as well which is amazing! I haven’t tried any of them other than Walmart but I am sure they are good as well. These are the 3 main services that I use but would be open to more options if you guys know any good ones! I have also looked into trulocal but haven’t made the leap just yet. 

Happy online shopping to all of you busy moms out there!

XO Meg


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